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Professional Affiliates

John Savadjian - Financial Advisor, Insurance Broker

As an agency managing director at Prudential, John Savadjian built his multi-line and multicultural insurance agency into one of the most successful agencies in the company. John started his work in the insurance industry in 1975 with Prudential, which was and still is one of the largest insurance agencies in the U.S. He worked for Prudential for more than 30 years in different positions. John started as an agent later becoming a sales manager, assistant manager, then the company Vice President, and ultimately the General Manager. John Savadjian was a successful general manager of Prudential for over 28 years.

John is a financial planner and adviser at Old Tappan Financial, LLC.

Financial planners advise clients on how to save, invest, and grow their money. An experienced financial professional will ask about your long-term financial goals and put together a plan to meet them. They can help tackle a specific financial goal such as buying a house or paying for college or rebalancing your assets.

Their help ranges from advice about specific investments such as stocks or bonds to managing your entire portfolio. In addition to saving for retirement or estate planning, advisers may also consult on a wide range of financial matters such as debt service, refinancing or purchasing real estate.

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John Savadjian Financial planning, mutual funds, financial adviser.

John Savadjian insurance broker blog, employment and employees insurance, NJ finance insurance adviser. John received many insurance and financing service awards.

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